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Aurikk Brand Movement Group is in a league of its own. The science we apply to building sustainable and quality brands is an art in itself. We use the expression of art to magnify the cohesiveness of  strategy, design, and engagement being applied to every project.

We take our time doing the needed research to develop the most effective strategy that influences a grade A design.  We combine this with an exceptional visual appeal to ensure an emotionally engaging experience for our collaborative partners and their customers.

Our goal is to deliver a level of brand goodness that makes your eyes water and heart shiver by intertwining the modalities of classical chaos and disruptively modern innovation.

Our PANORAMIC PERSPECTIVE during the ideation and execution phases allows us to gain insight from those hidden project areas.




A dynamic exploration of your complete brand to see what’s working and what is not.   The strategy for your business will be based on the needs of your specific brand and constructed to optimize your customer impact. 




We design a custom visual identity for your brand using our collaborative process. We will share our progress along the way, include your input, and make changes to ensure we deliver a unique and consistent brand personality. 

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The engagement stage activates the design and strategy to bring your brand to life. This creates the memorable moments that intrigue your audience and drive them to action.  Engagement is where your brand learns to dance with emotion. 


Branding Courses


Strengthen your business savvy across all capital arms: Social, Intellectual, Emotional, and Financial.

Brand Management


Assist you with building and maintaining a consistent brand presence to ensure a strong visceral, behavioral, or reflective connection is delivered every time. 

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Coming soon!  An exciting and customized approach to help entrepreneurs stay on top of trends and scale their brand.  You don’t want to miss this!  

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